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Tattoo Removal Care Guide

If you have decided to have your tattoo lasered, it is important that you know how to care for it to ensure a quick recovery and optimal results. Here are some advice on how to care for your tattoo after it has been lasered:

After Care

  • If necessary, cool the treated area again with a cooling pad (disinfect cooling pads).
  • Apply antiseptic (e.g. Bepanten plus)
  • Apply compress for protection (not airtight) and fix it with a plaster

Care at home by the client

  • On the day of the treatment the client should leave the compress on it
  • If necessary, the client should use a cooling pad at home to cool the treated area
  • Several times a day spray the treated area with a germ-inhibiting hydrolate (disinfection)
  • Keep the treated area dry, but not airtight
  • For best healing, make sure that the treated area gets plenty of air during the first 4 days.
  • Apply a wound-healing preparation if you feel tension
  • After about 2 days, the lasered area can be washed again with water (without soap)
  • Avoid swimming and sauna sessions for the first 7 days

In case of rare crust formation

  • Do not soak the wound to avoid scarring (do not allow to get wet for 1-2 weeks).
  • Important: Do not scrape off the crust, it should fall off by itself to avoid scarring.

Should you react differently or be unsure, it is best to call us or come directly to our boutique.

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