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Powder Brows

First Day

After the treatment during the first day use the cotton disk moistened with water to cleanse the brows, make sure to cleanse 4-5 times.

Next 10 days

Brows should be dry healed for the next 10 days. No sweat or moisture, no sun exposure, no picking or scratching.

Day 10:

Wash brows and always wear sun screen.

Brows may appear reddish and / or darker in color for the first week - this is temporary. Sometimes, the permanent make will appear lighter after the dead skin comes off and the color will bloom back to the surface later on. Final results from each session will appear clearly after about 4 weeks, then it will be time for your follow up!
We will assess your results and your skin's adjust anything that's needed (like-lighter spots) and make sure the color, texture and shape look amazing overall. Repeat the same exact aftercare post second session.

Powder Lips

Day 1-7

Refrain from soaking your lips in water for a week and from applying makeup to them. Make sure to brush your teeth with your mouth wide-open trying to avoid touching the paste and water. Eat carefully also trying to not touch or smudge your lips, it might affect healed results. Alcohol, hot and colorful drinks are only allowed to consume through the straw. Do not consume spicy or salty food for a period of 1 week.

Refrain from using saunas and swimming pools, sweating excessively and sunbathing as your lips may loose the color get hyperpigmented from sun exposure, especially if you naturally have more of dark melanin in your skin.

  • Do not peel any dry skin/ scabs.
  • Do not kiss, especially no beard. (Transfer of bacteria)

Use the lip balm 3-4 times, cold sore scream 2-3 times. Make sure that you apply a very thin layer of the cold sore cream.

After Day 7

Wash your lips and always wear sun screen.


Day 1

Wash every 2/3 hours with saline water.

In case of redness and brunin make ice packs, covered with a cloth and NOT in diret contact with the skin, 10 minutes with and 10 minutes without, repeat for no more than 1 hour in a row.

Day 2-10

Wash with physiological water at least once in the morning and once in the evening.

After drying by dabbing with a clean towel, and put with the tip of your finger a little cream from the jar given after treatment.

Healing takes about 15 days, during which time:

  • No skincare
  • No makeup
  • No solarium
  • No swimming pool/bathtub
  • No sport the same evening
  • No animal hair

For all Beauty Tattoos

Correction: Free after 4-8 week

Refresh: 2 - 6 months: 50% cost

After 6 months: Full cost