Versandkostenfrei - ab 50 CHF Bestellwert

Brows may appear reddish and / or darker in color for the first week - this is temporary. Sometimes, the permanent make will appear lighter after the dead skin comes off and the color will bloom back to the surface later on. Final results from each session will appear clearly after about 4 weeks, then it will be time for your follow up!
We will assess your results and your skin's adjust anything that's needed (like-lighter spots) and make sure the color, texture and shape look amazing overall. Repeat the same exact aftercare post second session.

Healing takes about 15 days, during which time:

  • No skincare
  • No makeup
  • No solarium
  • No swimming pool/bathtub
  • No sport the same evening
  • No animal hair

For all Beauty Tattoos

Correction: Free after 4-8 week

Refresh: 2 - 6 months: 50% cost

After 6 months: Full cost