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What is keloid?

Keloid or "keloid scar formation" in the medical field are tissue growths that can occur during the wound healing process after piercing. These growths are harmless in most cases, even if they look bad.

Keloid forms during the healing process

When a keloid develops, growth stops belatedly during the healing of the wound.

treatment of keloid

In the first week apply the tea tree oil (if necessary (i.e. if it burns hard) slightly diluted with water) to the keloid in the morning and evening with a cotton swab.

After about two hours, wipe off the residue with a cotton swab soaked in water. (In the evening it can act throughout the night)

The tea tree oil dries out the skin, the dry skin should be gently removed with a wet cotton swab. So the keloid slowly disappears.

Take a break for the second week.

If it doesn't improve after that, the process is repeated.