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The unique piercing jewelry from Giahi is personally designed and developed by Giada Ilardo in Zurich in the in-house design studio. The gold jewelry is made of 14-carat gold and refined with sparkling zirconia stones.

About Giada

Giada Ilardo has been in the piercing industry for more than 23 years. From a teenager who did piercings for her friends in her childhood bedroom to an entrepreneur who built the most successful tattoo and piercing business.

about us

We are one of the first piercing studios in the world and one of the first piercing jewelery manufacturers to position themselves in the luxury segment and to be able to respond to individual customer requests. As an independent Swiss label, we can differentiate ourselves here.

Our goal is to become the world's most recognized destination for luxury piercing jewelry.


Giada Ilardo Boutique

Bahnhofstrasse 70
8001 Zurich
+41 44 302 03 03

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